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           At Atlas Photography and Videography, we strive to deliver the very best customer service, with prompt communication, along with direction on a project offering advice to those who are unsure of how to proceed with their project. We undertake every piece of work with care and pride, always finding ways to achieve your desired shots and final production. Above all, we love what we do and we undertake every project with enthusiasm, making sure we get you the best and most unique angles and always pride ourselves in our professional presentation to deliver the best product. 

          Every project our clients receive is individually edited by us in-house, in a style that is organic, understated, and timeless. The key aspect of our business is all your work starts with us and the final product is delivered by us, meaning all shoots and post-work is completed in-house by Atlas. We value our clients and look forward to a long-lasting relationship, and not just a dollar sign.
         We work in the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, along with Maryland and Washington, D.C. Please view our full-service site, if you may be planning a destination wedding or other Atlas needs, we do travel as well. 

JP - Photographer & Videographer

          Growing up, JP's father worked in the NHL, and being in television, he has always loved the creative aspect of television, photography, and videography. Being a veteran of the U.S. Navy, he found himself helping out many of our veterans with their weddings and portrait photography. So, After an 18-year career in professional hockey, it was time to close a wonderful chapter in his life and start another passion... photography/videography. 

            JP is also the President of our sister company, Atlas Aerial Services, and is an FAA-licensed Part 107 small unmanned aircraft system, (sUAS), which means he is legally licensed to operate sUAS for filming for commercial work. He is also the V.P. of U.S. Aeronautical History.


JS 2013 KC Pic.jpg
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Kelly Cup Team Photo.JPG
Shawn - Aerial Photographer

          Shawn is a Supervisor of Airport Operations at a major East Coast Airport.  Originally from Western New York, he went to his first airshow in 1983.  With the growth of the internet and digital photography, he now travels around the world averaging 10  airshows per season utilizing Sony equipment. 


          He is also a published photographer and author on aviation websites. Shawn is also the Sr. Editor at U.S. Aeronautical History.

Pedro - Photographer Creative Director

          Pedro has been very fortunate to have been a full-time sports and portrait photographer in Philadelphia, PA. for the last 23 years. He began his career in 1995 when he was shooting for the NHL's Philadelphia Flyers and local amateur sports.


          Although action sports was his prime in the beginning, it eventually became clear that portrait, event, and wedding photography was going to be the way forward for him to fulfill his creative potential on a professional level.

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