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          Atlas is a full service film production company, with roots in the action sports industry and experience in all realms of production with infomercials, documentaries and independent short film. Every great video piece comes from a place of passion where we create unique imagery that informs and challenges the viewer. No matter what the genre we are here to create your story board. We pride ourselves on the ability to bring creative, artistic, technical and financial resources together. In doing so, Atlas has become a leader in co-productions, joint ventures and international partnerships. 


          We are here to help you sell a product, it may be to challenge the status quo, or simply tell a story that needs to be told, but our final product is and it will always immerse the audience the end. With film and video content more popular than ever, we help connect businesses and your audience with the creativity needed to make content to delight your target audiences. No matter what goals you want to achieve, we'll help you find the resources you need to make your ideas  become a reality. Lastly, post production is what separates good from great and at Atlas we start the job and complete the job, there is no third party post-production.  

         Below are a few of our productions which we have done in conjunction with our sister company, Atlas Aerial Services, which is FAA Part 107 Licensed company to do all aerial work and Atlas Photography and Videography conducted the ground work.

   Atlas Photography/Videography Work for 2016- T.V. Commercial for the Jolly Roger Motel, NJ

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